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International Online Conference on Shoulder Surgery - 2022 (France)

📅 15 October 2022

From October 13 to 15, 2022, an international conference was held in Toulouse (France) on modern techniques used in shoulder surgery: arthroscopy, muscle-tendon transfers, endoprosthetics, osteoplastic surgeries. The conference was organized by the French orthopedist Jean Cani, who in 2018 visited our hospital and performed a complex arthroscopic reconstructive operation in order to exchange experiences.

Orthopedists from various countries took part in the conference: France, China, India, Australia, Russia, USA, etc. Surgeons online performed operations and demonstrated their surgical skills. Our colleague, orthopedic surgeon Evgeniy Aleksandrovich Belyak, was invited to participate in the conference; he was tasked with moderating the operation of the Polish orthopedist Roman Brozka and the Chinese surgeon Chunyan Jan, who performed their operations brilliantly. This conference served as a platform for discussing current issues in the field of shoulder surgery and made it possible to demonstrate the most modern surgical arthroscopic techniques.

We thank the organizers for hosting such a significant event in the field of orthopedics and surgery!

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