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Thromboextraction as a method of treatment of ischemic stroke

The doctors of the Vascular Surgery Department saved from death the elderly patient by applying a new method of treating ischemic stroke — a thromboextraction.

This patient (woman) aged 82 years was entered in our hospital with suspicion of acute cerebrovascular accident due to an ischemic type. The analyzes confirmed the assumption of doctors: a large blood clot blocked the lumen of the artery and disrupted the blood supply of the brain.

When any person is struck by an ischemic stroke, a doctors have a few hours left to save the patient's life. One of the most effective methods of drug treatment of ischemic strokes is the administration of a special medication to the patient that promotes the dissolution of thrombus and the restoration of blood flow, but it is effective in the first 3-4.5 hours. Unfortunately, in this case, a time was already lost…

To restore blood circulation in the brain as soon as possible, the doctors decided to carry out the rare operation for the mechanical removal of the thrombus — a thromboextraction. It was performed by Endovascular surgeon, Head of Department, Alexey B. Mironkov (MD, PhD)

His evaluation of the operation was as follows:

«Тo remove the thrombus from the lumen of the vessel, the artery is first punctured in the thigh area, then a special catheter is brought through the arteries to the «clogged» thrombus vessel. At the end of the catheter there is a device that looks like a net. It performs the function of a trap: it seizes a thrombus and extracts it from the vessel. This high-tech operation is performed with minimal risks for the patient. We are working directly on the pathological focus, leaving healthy tissues safe. Now, the state of health of our patient can be called satisfactory».

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