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Surgical treatment of macrogematuria

A 59-year-old patient (woman) was admitted to the Urology Department of Moscow City Clinical Hospital after V.M. Buyanov with macrogmaturia (a presence of a large volume of blood in the urine) after segmental resection of the left kidney, performed ten days before her admission to our clinic.

According to CT-scan with contrast enhancement, a source of bleeding was revealed — a false aneurysm of the segmental branch of the left renal artery in the zone of the operation performed earlier.

An angiographic study confirmed the presence of a false aneurysm with a discharge of blood into the renal vein. Doctors of the Vascular Surgery Department embolized the artery with spirals for 3 and 4 mm. The re-conducted angiography showed that the cavity of the false aneurysm is not contrasted.

The postoperative period proceeded without complications. Five days after the endovascular intervention, the patient was discharged. A recurrences of macrohematuria was no longer observed.

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