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Removal of a splenic cyst the size of a grapefruit

Surgeons of the City Clinical Hospital named after V.M. Buyanov removed a spleen cyst the size of a grapefruit, preserving all functions of the organ.

A 39-year-old man came to the city clinical hospital named after V.M. Buyanova with complaints of abdominal pain and elevated body temperature, which lasted for a month. A CT scan revealed a huge splenic cyst the size of a grapefruit.

In most cases, splenic cysts are benign. Their treatment depends on the size, symptoms and possible complications. Small and asymptomatic cysts usually do not require treatment. In cases of large and symptomatic cysts, surgery is often required to relieve symptoms and prevent complications.

To choose an effective treatment tactic for a patient, doctors at the City Clinical Hospital, it was important to understand the cause of the cyst and make sure it was benign. After a detailed analysis of the medical history and examination, it turned out that the neoplasm was benign and appeared as a result of trauma. According to the patient, about six months ago he fell and hit himself hard. The fall caused damage to the spleen and the formation of a hematoma in it, which transformed into a cyst. Given the risk of spontaneous rupture, the patient required urgent surgical intervention.

“At the medical consultation, the question arose about the extent of the operation that should be performed, since the mass occupied more than half of the organ. In such situations, complete removal of the spleen is often practiced, but the consequences of removing the organ entail a decrease in immunity and a deterioration in the body’s ability to adequately respond to changing conditions of the external and internal environment. This, in turn, leads to a high risk of infectious diseases, which can even lead to death,” said a surgeon at the City Clinical Hospital named after V.M. Buyanova Magomed Yusufov.

According to Magomed Yusufov, it was decided to remove only parts of the spleen. Performing such operations is technically more difficult than removing the organ completely, since there is a risk of severe bleeding. However, thanks to the highly qualified surgeons, the laparoscopic operation — resection of the spleen — was performed with minimal blood loss and without complications. The patient had only half of the organ removed — the remaining part was enough to preserve vital functions. After quick rehabilitation, the man returned to his usual lifestyle. Abdominal pain no longer bothers him.

State Clinical Hospital named after V.M. Buyanova is the largest multidisciplinary metropolitan hospital, a modern, well-equipped hospital with more than 800 beds. Thanks to the use of the latest techniques, the use of modern equipment, and the scientific and practical potential of the hospital, more than 50 thousand patients are helped annually. Every year, the hospital performs more than 14,000 operations, almost half of which are high-tech.

State Clinical Hospital named after V.M. Buyanova is equipped with high-tech medical equipment. There is an angiographic complex, computed tomographs, expert-class ultrasound machines, equipment for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with acute cerebrovascular accident, acute infarction, and severe life-threatening arrhythmias. There is a training and methodological center with a simulation room where employees hone their skills. In addition, a flagship center will soon appear at the hospital. Earlier in January of this year, the flagship center of the City Clinical Hospital named after. V.V. Veresaev, and in March — the Research Institute of Emergency Medicine named after. N.V. Sklifosovsky.

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