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Epicardial catheter cryoablation

In 2017, in our Hospital was successfully carried out the procedure of cryocatheter ablation (CCA) through a large vein of the heart. This type of procedure for the localization of ectotypic foci in the immediate vicinity of the coronary arteries, today, is still an extensive field for study.

The patient was taken to the hospital (in Cardiac Surgery Dep.) with complaints about interruptions in the heart, accompanied by shortness of breath. During the 24-hour ECG monitoring according to Holter, the patient had frequent early ventricular extrasystole (arrhythmia, which is a premature contraction of the ventricles of the heart). Due to the ineffectiveness of other methods of treatments, the patient was mapped to a large vein of the heart, and then cryocatheter ablation (a forced cooling) of the basal region of the left ventricle of the heart lasting 240 seconds, with a minimum temperature of —830C. As a result, in the process of postoperative observation, the surgeons noticed the disappearance of ectopic activity and of ventricular extrasystole. The results of the procedure performed can be considered quite successful.

The Important addition: the RFA (radiofrequency ablation) procedure, commonly used in such cases can be associated with a risk of damage to the coronary arteries and the development of life-threatening complications in the patient. While the procedure of cryoablation is deprived of these risks.

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