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Sergey A. Termosesov, MD

Specialization: Cardiovascular surgeon

Department: Cardiac surgery

Languages: English, Russian

Manipulations/Operations: 350/250 per year

Research Issues:

Clinical responsibility

About 350 electrophysiology and radifrequecy ablation procedures and 45 pacemaker and 10 ICD implantations per year in pediatric patents. Non-invasive electrophysiology diagnostics and follow-up in patients with heart rhythm disturbances and after the pacemaker implantation. Working out of new methods of cardiac pacing and RF-ablation.

Teaching responsibility

Postgraduate courses on cardiology. About 30 post-graduate students per year. Course of interventional and surgical methods of treatment of arrhythmias.

S. Termosesov is also the Head of the electrophysiology and cardiac pacing Department at the Russian Centre for Children Arrhythmia based at the Moscow Institute of Pediatry and Pediatric Surgery.

International Medical Department:
9.00 am – 7.00 pm, Monday to Friday
Visiting hours:
5.00 pm – 7.00 pm, Monday to Sunday
26, Bakinskaya St., Moscow,
Russian Federation, 115516